We Bake with Love

We Bake with Love

We Bake with LoveWe Bake with LoveWe Bake with Love

Kickstart your Event with us!

No Preservatives Added!

Fresh Ingredients!


Baked Fresh To Order!


We Bake Daily To Make Sure your Order is Deliciously Fresh!

Shelf Life is Limited! 1-2 Weeks


If You Don't Gobble Them Up The Day You Get Them! 

About Us

The SoVay Story

SoVay's offers unique one-of-a-kind pastries for a variety of events or gift options. Each cookie is

I have had the privilege of being born into a  very traditional Lebanese family! Many generations of the most fabulous Lebanese food you could imagine! We had a special cookie called "Maamoul" This was a original Lebanese cookie that was passed from one generation to the next  and made only at Easter time. This cookie had a very unique taste. I decided to make this original cookie for my own family and ended up not having most of the arabic ingredients the recipe called for!  So I created my own recipe and that is how SoVays came to be!

Elegant Style


SoVay's offers unique one-of-a-kind pastries. Each cookie is carefully handcrafted . The outer layer presents a rich melt-in-your mouth experience, followed by an inner filling that is bursting with incredible flavor.    SoVay's elegant style makes our cookies the perfect choice for weddings, special events or holiday gifts.    

 Baked  to order and delivered fresh!                                                            

Beautiful Gifts For any Occasion


Our  beautiful gift wrapped options are perfect for any party, holiday, House warming , Bridal Showers, or a "just Because"gift to someone special. Our beautiful cookies are so unique and  so decadent!  These  fabulous desserts are One of a Kind!  You can't find these cookies anywhere else but here! Give a gift that is  different! and that will make a wonderful impression!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

SoVay's Famous Toffee Brittle

 Our Fabulous Toffee Brittle Is Like No Other You Have Ever Tasted!  This Brittle Melts In Your Mouth! Filled With Cocktail Nuts, You Get a Sweet & Salty Sensation With Each Buttery Bite!  A Very Savory Experience!   Extremely Addicting!  When You Open The Box , The Essence  Of This Amazing Toffee Brittle Will Make Your Mouth Water!   Out Of This World Awesomeness!                                                                                       

SoVay's Fabulous Toffee Bark

For You Chocolate Lovers!!!  SoVay's Has Taken Their Famous Toffee Brittle And Drizzled It With Guittard White & Dark Chocolate! This Bark Is Amazing! Like No Other You Have Ever Tasted!

SoVays Special Designs

"Home Is Where the Heart is"


These Beautiful house shaped cookies are perfect for that Real estate agent looking for a unique gift to give his or her clients!   

These eye-popping cookies are the ideal choice for a house-warming party, realtor gift or open house.

Fabulous Walnut And Sugar Filling



Our House Cookies have a beautiful, sophisticated appearance and a rich, distinctive walnut flavor. 

These Cookies stand 3 inches high! Will serve at least 2 people! !


 These eye-popping cookies are the ideal choice for a house-warming party, realtor consultation gift or would make a fabulous closing gift!. Our House Cookies have a beautiful, sophisticated appearance. Your Gift will be One of A Kind!

And Remembered for years to come!

"From my heart to yours"


What a beautiful gift for that some one special on Valentines Day!  Or your co-workers at the office!  These Beautiful heart Cookies are great for any occasion!

Made special Just for You


These beautifully designed heart cookies are one of a kind! Lightly sprinkled with powder sugar, with an incredible walnut and sugar filling,  Topped with a chocolate heart.

Fabulous Walnut And Sugar Filling


  Our incredible buttery outer layer followed by a inner filling of walnuts and sugar for a 

delicious melt in your mouth experience! These Hearts are 3 inches high and could easily  serve  2 -3 people- But look out- you will want one just for your self!