"Nikki’s cookies are the perfect gift for clients and to show appreciation to vendors. They are delicious and the presentation is beautiful! They are ideal for closing gifts, open houses, client appreciations, house warming parties, birthdays and any occasion where I want to present a tasty treat that will impress. I’ve rarely tasted a cookie this delicious and they’re baked and packaged by Nikki herself! I always like to mention Nikki is local, clients love this personal touch. You’re sure to please a person or a crowd with these little slices of heaven! "

Lucy Stephens


"Nikki brought some of her amazing cookies to our branch meeting and I couldn’t believe how fast they went!  There wasn’t a single crumb left!  They have a great burst of flavor when you take your first bite but also they’re not too sweet.  You can taste how fresh they are.  If you are a cookie connoisseur, you will love these cookies!"



"Let me tell you how much I LOVE Nikki’s cookies! First, you can’t beat how adorable the packaging is—love at first sight! The shape of the cookies is also customizable which adds to the amount of love I have for these delicious morsels. But I can’t stop with that—the taste is SO top notch and unlike anything else I’ve had! Nikki pours her heart into these delicacies and it truly shows. I wouldn’t think twice before placing another order. ❤️"

   Alexis S.

 " These cookies are beautiful, hand crafted and made with love.  

They have only the best ingredients and you can taste the quality.  These are great for so many occasions.  I have gladly given these as gifts and people are always so thrilled to receive them. " 

Lisa N


“Nikki Sauve’s cookies are a real treat!  Not only are they delicious, they are beautifully pieced together for a spectacular presentation .  A true work of art!  I would highly recommend her company”



"Absolutely delicious cookies & the Toppers on ice cream make an incredible dessert!!"

Karren Jundt

"Sovay's are such a delicious and unique treat! You will never taste anything else like them! They melt in your mouth and taste like little bites of heaven! I would recommend them to everyone, whether for yourself or gifts! You will not be disappointed!"



"I love these cookies, they're unlike any I have ever tasted! They're a great dessert to bring to any function, they make a super "host" gift, also any gift in general, especially for the hard to buy for.  The way Nikki has perfected the ingredients to bring out the most flavor, is amazing!  Add to this, the way they're packaged puts them in a category above your average cookie. I'd recommend them to anyone, you won't be disappointed."



“Nikki’s cookies are really a finely crafted pastry, without the sugary after taste. My first bite was an explosion of rich flavor, surprising texture, and guilty pleasure. 

They are rich enough to be satisfied by one bite, but good luck stopping there. I chose to take my time and let each bite linger in my mouth just a little bit longer to enjoy the taste.

I couldn’t wait to bring one home to my wife, so I could see the look on her face with that first bite. It’s hard to describe – you just have to try it yourself.”

Dave B.


"Nikki is definitely a cookie artist!   Her lovely cookie creations are sweet and buttery. 

These shortbread cookies are loaded with flavor and I love the almond nut middle.

They go perfect with a cup of coffee.  Each cookie collection is beautifully packaged…quite impressive!"

Teresa H.


"Nikki's cookies are uniquely delicious and  exquisitely beautiful, pairing equally well with wine, coffee, tea, or a cool beverage! My personal favorite is with wine or coffee.  They are appropriate for any occasion from weddings to gifts. My daughter is serving them at her August wedding instead of cake                                                                                              Kristen Edmunds"                                                                                           

What a wonderful surprise when my package arrived from SoVay's Finest Desserts!  I received a Combo Box which included a beautiful variety of cookies, bars, and bites as well as the ice-cream toppers.  The detail and display were amazing.  I wasn't sure how the desserts would survive the shipping but everything was secure and well packed and arrived as if I picked them up directly from the bakery.  The best part of course are the flavors.  All the desserts were very fresh and tasty and not overly sweet.  My favorite was the black and whites drizzled with chocolate.  SoVay's Finest Desserts are the perfect go-to gift for everyone!         Loren


"These unique cookies are amazing! They are the perfect combination of sweet and savory.  They melt in your mouth and are full of flavor.  Plus, they are sooo cute! They are great for holidays, office parties, or gifts anytime.  My favorite thing is to warm them up slightly and eat with vanilla ice cream! The combination of sweet cookie and the center filling is to die for! You have to try, you wont be sorry!!"


"I was first introduced to these amazing desserts at an office meeting. SoVay's cookies are almost too beautiful to eat! I have given them to friends, family and clients as gifts – they are the perfect mouthful of richness.  – "

Madeline Wong Pelluer

"First of all these cookies look like they came from a professional bakery!  they are so beautiful and elegant! They are too pretty to eat. They are even more delicious than they look. The outside is crunchy and just the right amount of sweet. Then you get a surprise when you bite into the middle. The mixture of walnuts and sugar is to die for. My whole family loves these cookies so much that if I want some I have to hide them. "

Jeni Foote


“The Signature Rose cookies were phenomenal, I immediately ordered more along with a box of Signature Bites which I’m looking forward to trying.  These cookies are unlike anything you’ll find at the grocery store or corner bakery, the flavor is uniquely satisfying. The cookies come packaged in a designer box which is great for gift giving.  Next time you visit friends or family, take a box of these treats, it’s a gift that stands out and not easily forgotten”.

Steve Basila



"These Deserts are decadent and delicious! They melt in your mouth and make you want to come back for more- They are so beautiful as gifts for both parties and events or just to treat your family with! I am so happy that these deserts from my childhood have come back to life even better than what I remember! Just can’t get enough of them! "

Theresa T.